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having discovered that there are so many fake sound speakers and power amplifiers in circulation and customers have fallen victim to the purchase of there fake speakers, it's in the light of there that Sound Engineers Association of Nigeria (SEAN) in partnership with Wharfedale Pro and Irukka Musical Equipment Mall, have decided to enlighten the public on how to spot FAKE SPEAKERS, power amplifiers and how to avoid buying fake products and also what to do should anyone fall victim of buying these faek speakers and power amplifiers.

  1. Almost 95% of speakers and power amplifiers in circulation in Nigerian market have wrong power rating.
  2. 95% of acoustic speakers are not plywood rather, they are particle board which can easily dissolve should it come in contact with any liquid or after 6months, the speakers will wear off.
  3. Majority of the speakers in circulation have no cross-overs and most times, customers discover that the cross-overs are very tiny which doesn't protect the speaker.
  4. Most of the power amplifiers in circulation does not have protection and they always spot wrong wattage.

In order to be sure that the product you are purchasing is priginal, always insist to visit the manufacturer's website to view the proper power wattage rating on the product and technical prescription.

Please note that Nigeria's sole distributor of WharfedalePro products, Irukka Musical Mall will help you recover your money from the purchase of any fake seller.

Kindly visit for more information or call 08165730634

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