How Does a Speaker Management Systems Works? Expert Guide for DJ & Engineer


How Does a Speaker Management Systems Works? Expert Guide for DJ’s & Sound Engineers.

In our previous article, we discussed What is Speaker Management System? Speaker Management’s main function and additional functionalities were also discussed in detail. As an expert guide and compilation for Sound Engineers and DJ’s we highlighted still in the previous article the various functions of Speaker Management and helping them make the right choice. Read the previous article on What is speaker management?

Setting up an LMS – Speaker Management Setup

Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System

Usually, this is done in clubs by whoever set up the PA system, but if you want to assemble your own PA system and add an LMS (and I thoroughly recommend you do so), you’re going to want to know a bit about how to do it.

While it’s too long a subject to cover completely in this article, and your instructions with your LMS will get you started, one thing to be aware of is the extra gear you need for tuning the delay properly. In order to use digital delay in your LMS, you need an “RTA mic” (it’s a specially designed microphone for this purpose), a mic stand, and enough XLR cable to reach the microphone in its testing location.

Another thing to bear in mind is that most LMSs have profiles you can save and restore at another time, as well as auto-restore when the power is turned off and restored, so make sure you save your settings when you’ve got them right, or you’ll lose all your hard work! Finally, do make sure to get an LMS that suits your needs, especially when it comes to the number of speakers. For instance, if you have four loudspeakers and a sub-woofer, make sure you buy a unit that has one XLR output per speaker so you can include all your gear under the LMS’s control.

How Does a Speaker Management System Works?

Speaker Management System (SMS) | PA Management System | Loudspeaker Management System

In the previous article, we have highlighted the major functions and the additional functions of speaker management systems. Now it’s time to delve in deeper and show you how speaker management work. Trust that our able and seasoned sound engineers will do justice to the preceding.

Having the speaker management comes with so much confidence and assurance that your devices such as Amplifiers, Mixers, Speaker are protected from burning, frying, and damage. With the help of crossover, you are able to filter the sound allowing you to make use of the HPF and LPF.

With the help of the gate, octave, and width in expansion, the speaker management system gives you the ability to select how thick or slim your different frequencies will be allowing you to select how high or low the particular frequency will be.

With the help of the matricks in the speaker management, it allows you to group different instrument or speakers in its own link.

Versadrive for Speaker Management

Versadrive – Never Loose Control With Versadrive

The Versadrive series offers all the digital signal processing a live sound engineer needs, neatly packaged into a  rack design. The Versadrive takes control of all audio dynamics such as Cross-over, EQ, Compressor, Delay, Signal Processor, Limiter, and with USB and RS485 connectivity, Versadrive can be networked and controlled using the supplied software directly from your PC.

Key Features of Versadrive

  • Versadrive can be operated manually and digitally
  • Versadrive has a 6-band parametric EG with a low/high shelf limiter
  • Crossover or Filter
  • Independent processing for each output channel
  • Ultra-fast workflow
  • 30 save slots
  • Factory preset with popular Wharfedale Pro modules
  • USB connection for editing settings
  • Password protection for venue install

Another major and interesting feature of the Wharfedale Pro Versadrive, Versadrives’ offers a powerful in its own right the RS485 connection to open up capabilities to link up to 250 units with remote control from up to 1500 meters. Meaning for a complete stadium, super clubs, or any multi-room install is now easily managed by one person from their laptops. The USB connection in and supplied software work as another visual aid with access to update your own presets for different events.

How to Know What Speaker Management to Recommend

Most times sound engineers, sound consultants, sales reps, and marketers are faced with difficulties or challenges giving customers or clients the best speaker management to use in their different quotations.

Versadrive Based on your need:

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Don’t lose control With the all-new #Speaker Management system from #WharfedalePro! Versadrive Signal Processors put you back in #control of your PA. Internal digital processing ensures that you get the most from your system. For more about the Versadrive series, here’s a link!

Has this article helped you? Do you have anything to add to the information here? Please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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