Price of sub speakers for church – Sound equipment List in 2021

Price of sub speakers for church - Sound equipment List

Price of sub – Subwoofer Speakers for Church in Nigeria – 2021

subwoofer is an audio speaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, lower in frequency than those which can be generated by a woofer. A subwoofer consists of one, two, or more woofers mounted in the amplifier enclosure. Often crafted using wood, it can withstand air pressure and resist deformation. A subwoofer enclosure is available in different designs, which include the bass reflex with either a vent or port.

Getting the best price for church speakers online in Nigeria depends on the church auditorium and financial capacity to having sub-speakers in place, for the lowest part of the audio spectrum, and is perfect for bass sounds. Though, it is a must-have for churches considering its use; the capacity and financing should be properly thought out. Below are the prices of subwoofers speakers courtesy of Irukka Online Musical Instrument and Sound Equipment Store – Your No. 1 Online Musical Instrument and Sound Equipment Mall in Nigeria.

What are the most popular the most audio and sound equipment in 2021? Are you looking for where to Buy the Original Wharfedale Professional Sub speaker -subwoofer in Lagos, Nigeria? How much does a subwoofer cost? How much do speakers cost? Which company woofer is best? Get the best buy at an affordable rate when you shop Drum Set Online on Irukka. We have the high-end and low price alternative for the top brand drum setCheck out the Price of Drum Set in Nigeria below.

Wharfedale subwoofer speakers for church and their prices

Sub-Speakers Single-Sub Double-Sub Line Arrays


Active-Sub Cost
Focus 18s           √ 580,000
Focus 218s            √ 850,000
Delta-X 18b           √ 280,000
DeltaX 218b            √ 460,000
Impact 18b           √ 230,000
WLA-210X             √ 1,200,000
WLA-15b             √ 700,000
Titan-15b            √ 220,000

Out of the different brands out there in the market, Wharfedale sub speakers have so far proven itself in the market, not just in Nigeria, but the world over. The top speaker brand – Wharfedale Pro began its journey of speaker manufacturing in 1932 in the U.K, and has since then become a global brand.

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