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Electric Drums – Tourtech TT16s


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TourTech Electronic Drum Kit TT-16S

The TOURTECH TT-16S brings a host of upgrades and professional features to the range whilst still bringing outstanding value. Almost every detail of the TT-16S has been upgraded: the frame, the module, the pads, the kick pedal and the cymbals. Significantly, this translates to feel, response and expression, which is good news for drummers! The frame (or ‘rack’) of the TT-16S is larger than the TT-12 models but is still eminently compact and portable. This kit sets up quickly and easily out of the box: the main rack is already built which is a time saver! This TOURTECH TT-16S electric drum kit is a sophisticated unit full of pro-level features at a fantastically low price. Learning on a quality kit like this encourages you to play more and it’s also lots of fun! Recording sessions will also be a lot easier and more professional sounding with a digital kit like this: you can achieve a natural performance rather than a stiff, programmed one. All in all, there is something for every drummer with the great value TOURTECH TT-16S.

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