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Wharfedale Xpect-12M Feedback Speaker


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Xpect 12M Feedback Monitor Speaker Online in Nigeria

Performance you can depend on Xpect 12M is a passive PA monitor speaker made for on-stage use with bands, DJs, and fixed installations. Featuring a 2” titanium voice coil combined with a 12” low distortion cast frame woofer, the loudspeaker generates 250 watts RMS of power while the 90 x 60 waveguides ensure a long-throw projection. The Xpect Series is constructed from plywood and is angled at optimum positioning for on-stage monitoring.

Xpect 12M Feedback Monitor On-stage Speakers


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Wharfedale Xpect-18BL Single Subwoofer


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Xpect 18BL Double Subwoofer Online in Nigeria

Single quad-layer LF drivers with 3” voice coils deliver massive SPLs with smooth but defined low-end punch and increased power handling.  +20% more power than our (already extremely powerful) Xpect 18B! Xpect 18BL models are perfect for fixed installation and touring applications with huge voice coils for massive power handling. Ready to take on whatever life on tour throws at it. Xpect 18BL is one of our most competitive series for price vs power enclosed in a durable black finish. For both dedicated sound engineers and touring musicians gigging week after week, you will be able to put your trust in the Xpect series.

Xpect-18BL Single Chamber Subwoofer Passive Speaker

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