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Top10 PA Loudspeakers for Worship Centers, Clubs, DJ’s, Live bands and More in 2021.

Top 10 PA Loudspeakers for Worship Centers, Clubs, DJ’s, Live bands and More in 2021.

The Best PA Loudspeaker System for the Church

Are you a church owner, sound engineer, or just a sound lover looking for the top best loudspeakers for Worship centers, clubs, DJs, live bands, etc? This article would streamline top loudspeakers in the sound world that can restructure and transform your entire sound setup. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best professional concert speakers. Over the year, setting up for rehearsals, live band, concerts, and events have become a lot easier thanks to the development of better powered PA Loudspeakers. No more fussing over which amplifiers match with what speaker and transporting large racks of power amplifiers even for small venues. All the PA systems in this guide are incredibly user-friendly, simple to set up, and, more importantly, will fit in a car for easy transportation.

PA stands for ‘public address’ and, unless you’re planning on entertaining a handful of punters in the local pub with your acoustic guitar, you won’t be able to address your public without one of the best PA systems on this list.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the 10 best PA speaker systems on the market right now. 

Top 10 PA Loudspeakers for Worship Centers, Clubs, DJ’s, Live bands, and more in 2021. Here is the list of the best Powered PA Speakers.

They are exclusive and included highly rated affordable options for those who are working with strict budgets.

  3. WHARFEDALE Impact-X215

Live Sound Equipment List in Nigeria


The Focus Loudspeakers is one of the highest quality sounds from the Wharfedale loudspeakers Focus tops and subs are superbly engineered to work together seamlessly and provide maximum efficiency. The two-way Focus 15 PA Loudspeaker employs a High-Q 100° x 10° long-throw waveguide horn geometry to project the sound to the back of large listening areas. All this comes together to create a point-source array system!

With the Wharfedale Pro Focus 12 point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. Focus’s easy adaptability makes it perfect for portable rentals, touring, and fixed stage.

Focus hardware allows you to fly in a line-array configuration, fly independently and in pairs or stack PA’s on top of subs. Focus adapts perfectly to whatever challenges your venue presents you with!


Internally Delta X15 also has a new crossover design and construction.  Using new component positioning and bracing, the sensitive crossover electronics have been re-engineered to improve long-term performance and reliability – even at the highest of volumes. 

With rear panel switching, Delta X15 can operate in either Bi-Amp or Passive modes.  This routing flexibility allows for Delta X systems to be refined using multiple amplifiers and external crossovers.

Custom Wharfedale Pro transducers have also been selected. High output, low physical distortion cast frame woofers deliver unparalleled low-frequency response. With the exception of the Delta X10, 2” titanium compression drivers are coupled to 90°x45° elliptical waveguides for impressive output level and smooth HF dispersion.



IMPACT series has become well-known for its power to price ratio.  Big power at a great value. Customers around the world love their IMPACT series loudspeakers and are proud to use ‘Wharfedale Pro’.

The Impact-X215 passive pa speaker encapsulates everything Wharfedale Pro stands for – High-quality pro audio, at an affordable price. On this occasion, we have raised the bar for affordable PA delivering a PA speaker series with a sound and aesthetic comparable to that of a much higher price bracket.


Internally Delta X215 also has a new crossover design and construction.  Using new component positioning and bracing, the sensitive crossover electronics have been re-engineered to improve long-term performance and reliability – even at the highest of volumes.  

With rear panel switching, Delta X215 can operate in either Bi-Amp or Passive modes.  This routing flexibility allows for Delta X systems to be refined using multiple amplifiers and external crossovers.

Delta X215  builds on the global success of the Wharfedale Pro Delta series.

Some of  its features are;

2 x 15″ drivers with 3″ voice coils

2″ voice coil HF compression driver

137dB Max SPL

Birch plywood construction

Premium Rhino Rock paint

Bi-amp and Passive modes



This is the real definition of ‘Music to the masses’ With the Wharfedale Pro Focus 218S point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. Focus’s easy adaptability make it perfect for portable rentals, touring and fixed stage.

The Focus 218S sub puts out an impressive 146dB peak SPL of pounding bass with a maximum power handing capacity of 8000 watts peak. Need more? Just double up! The Focus V-Tech side-by-side driver placement maximizes mutual coupling and boundary-effect reinforcement to move massive amounts of air and push the beat to the soul of your audience. Focus tops and subs are superbly engineered to work together seamlessly and provide maximum efficiency.



The Typhon-AX8-BT features aptX Bluetooth input connectivity and stereo linking which makes setup with mobile devices simple and cable-free. Simply pair your Bluetooth audio source (such as a smartphone or laptop) with a Typhon-AX8-BT and that’s it! High-quality aptX streaming makes connection easy.

Typhon-AX8-BT however also features a TWS STEREO LINK mode. This allows two Typhon-AX8-BT’s to communicate with each other to create a stereo pair.

A Typhon is suitable in the club or lounges where you have a VIP area and just want to play separate audio strictly for the VIPs this always comes in handy as you can just simply connect to any device and not interfering with the main audio.



The WLA-210XSUB features dual 15” LF drivers with massive 4.0” voice coils. Specifically created for use with WLA-210X, this subwoofer can be flown or ground-stacked easily as a result of its comprehensive rigging hardware.

Premium materials are used throughout the system. The enclosure is constructed of Baltic birch plywood and is coated in premium and durable Rhino Rock paint. To keep the weight to a minimum and prevent rust, suspension fittings are made of aluminum.

An elegantly simple 3-point suspension system combined with lightweight, compact size and excellent handling ergonomics mean that an array can easily be deployed. With the WLA-210X Common Fly frame, systems can be configured as flying or ground-stacked in multiple combinations.



The all-new AX15 active loudspeaker now features our cutting-edge 6-position DSP engine and all-new HF and LF drivers.  No other competitive model features such powerful and effective DSP or such advanced transducers.

Some of its features are:

420 watts programme / 840 watts peak

New IRIS X HF Drivers have been honed acoustically for high-frequency detail and power

New  3″ voice coil LF Drivers reject moisture for resistance in all environments

New Proprietary 100° x 80° Hybrid Symmetry Horn design

New category leading DSP functions

129dB Max SPL

Available in black or white



Like all PreSonus Loudspeakers, the Eris E4.5 offers consistent, accurate listening, with the smooth and even frequency response that has made Eris studio and media reference monitors popular around the world. Their compact and powerful design makes them an ideal solution for any small space.

PreSonus® Eris-series studio monitors are used worldwide by audio engineers who need to hear every detail of their recordings. Ideal for music lovers, content creators, and gamers, the Eris E4.5 media reference monitors deliver the same studio-quality sound and accurate frequency response professional Eris-series studio monitors are known for, in an elegant, compact form ideal for home use.

Want extra-deep low end? Pair the compact Eris E4.5 with PreSonus’ powerful Temblor® T8 active subwoofer for a truly full-range sound system that fits almost anywhere.


Presonus 8XT is Suitable for both home recording studios and professional mix engineering, the Eris XT studio monitors combine sterling audio quality with the flexible tuning and connectivity you’ve come to expect from PreSonus. It’s Eris, remastered. This Eris 8xt is also way bigger than the others in the range, the original Eris®-series studio monitors have been a runaway hit since their introduction. The Eris E8 XT is a substantial update to a lauded classic. Deeper lows and a wider, more controlled sweet spot (thanks to its new EBM waveguide design) mean this best-selling studio monitor just got even better.

The List of Best-powered Speakers for Live band 2021

In conclusion, Loudspeakers are in varieties that differ with specifications, and knowing the best speaker to get that would suit your needs perfectly is the real deal and I hope this article would go a long way in getting you the best loudspeaker for your churches, live band, etc.

Irukka Online still remains the surest plug in getting high-quality and bespoke loudspeakers and other sound equipment. Irukka is the sole distributor of Wharfedale, PreSonus, Ashdown, Mapex, and a host of others, So shop with us today

Wharfedale subwoofer speakers for church and their prices

Sub-Speakers Single-Sub Double-Sub Line Arrays


Active-Sub Cost
Focus 18s           √ 580,000
Focus 218s            √ 850,000
Delta-X 18b           √ 280,000
DeltaX 218b            √ 460,000
Impact 18b           √ 230,000
WLA-210X             √ 1,200,000
WLA-15b             √ 700,000
Titan-15b            √ 220,000


          √ 290,000

The Best Church Sound Systems & Best Speakers For Church

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Powered PA Speaker Buyers Guide

Things to look for in a Powered speaker

Cone Size

The sizes vary and usually, it increases as you add more stuff like heavy bass instruments like a keyboard or bass drums. An 8-inch speaker, although compact, should be good and loud enough for small rooms. But mostly you will find speakers that are 10 or 12 inches. These are more powerful and are great for bigger settings. However, 15 inches is even more powerful and is usually best for low-end frequencies. This is larger because it has woofers to support lower frequencies.


Besides, the technical specification portability perhaps is the most important consideration that would affect your decision. These speakers are heavier than passive speakers simply because the amplifiers inside add weight to them. If you move a lot then portability becomes a necessity for you. Luckily enough, almost all such speakers are portable but some a little more than others. How portable it depends on weight, size, and handles. Size is also important not because of the question if you will be able to carry but whether you will be able to fit it in the van or car.


This is pretty simple and as a general principle, the bigger the room or venue the more power you would need. 700 watts is considered strong but you would find many speakers with 1000 watts which is pretty loud. However, there are speakers with even more power so if you need something even louder go for those. Obviously, the power can be increased by adding more speakers.


The thing with speakers is that if it has a lot of components there are chances of problems. In live performances or any performance or even a party, you need something that is truly reliable. This is ensured by its rigid make and enclosures. The materials used should be very high quality. Not only that the handles should be strong as well so it does not break when you carry it.

Value for Money

Like with literally any other purchase, our main goal often is to find a product with the greatest value for money. Measuring value for money for a powered speaker would require you to look for the power, portability, and quality of the sound as well as make. If all these things are good and the price is reasonable you have something that is worth every dime.

The Yamaha DBR10 Loud Speaker is a fine example of a speaker with good value for money. It is a 700 watts power speaker that is compact and highly portable. The sound you get is very good quality and you have years of warranty as well. It has features like on board 2 channel mixer and custom designed transducers.

Editors Choice

Often times you want something that has everything in one place and is best at everything. In the context of powered speakers, QSC K10 2-Way Powered Speaker – 1000 Watts, 1×10″ is definitely an all-rounder product. It is a two-way speaker with 10-inch woofers and 1000 watts D class amplifiers. The sound is loud, clear and balanced even at the highest volume. The innovative Vlock technology prevents any dangling or accidental unplugs and keeps the sound going on and on. The many input options make it one of the most versatile speakers in the market.

Highest Quality

If all you care about is the quality and are willing to spend any amount of money, then go for the JBL choice. The JBL SRX815P 15″ Two-Way Bass Reflex Self-Powered System Speaker is downright the best speaker. It has a whopping 2000 watts power and is jam packed with features that make it’s sound one of the loudest and one of the clearest. With this, the control is in your hands and you get sound as you like. JBL is a name known throughout the world for their speakers and this one lives up to their reputation by leaps and bounds.


Powered speakers can be quite expensive if you choose to buy from a well-known name brand. But obviously, that has its benefits as you get high quality and durability. These speakers can range several hundred dollars but the high-end ones can go up to $1000 or even more. It should not be hard to find a good quality speaker with latest features and rugged make under $400.

All in One Speaker

If you are a musician you want something that is purposeful and makes your routine easy. You cannot be spending the whole time figuring out your speakers. For such acts, all in one speaker propose a great solution and provide a lot of conveniences. These have powered speakers, built-in mixers, signal processing, and effects all combined in one. Also, you have so many different connection types for inputs. It is a good bargain as it saves you money and makes it easier for you to focus more on your vocals or instruments.

Intelligent Speakers

You will find some speakers to be a tad bit more spontaneous or intelligent so to speak in that they adjust sounds by themselves to produce the best output. They have the ability to recognize the sound and make adjustments. In fact, some can even recognize what position they are placed in and can adjust sound intensity according to the position. This makes them very useful in almost any kind of venue and in any kind of setting. You will find many such qualities in speakers in the list here in this article.

Can you daisy chain power speakers?

One can daisy chain active or powered speakers with other powered speakers. It is basically the signal that travels through the XLR cable and not the power so therefore there is not any drain whatsoever. This allows you to essentially chain as many active speakers as you like. However, it still depends a lot on the brands because sometimes daisy chaining active speakers can distort the sound. Nevertheless, it is possible and can be done with speakers from different brand names.

As for chaining them to passive speakers, the possibility is quite limited. The passive speakers need amplified input which cannot be provided by the active speakers as their output is not amplified. You will probably have to get a separate power amp to power the passive cabs. However, there are some dedicated active wedges that have outputs for connecting speakers like passive speakers.

What does a powered speaker mean?

In very simple words, powered speakers have a built-in amplifier. They are usually called active speakers and as opposed to passive speakers they do not have to be connected to an external amp. The built-in amp exists in the enclosure and produced an amplified sound that is usually very loud. You can just connect line level signals from the mixers to the active speakers. Active speakers also have inputs for microphone or instruments so you can directly plug these in too. And the sound is balanced so you do not need an external mixer.

Active speakers take all the guess work and labor of figuring out the amps for passive speakers and make the whole system to produce a loud and balanced sound. All the work is done for you and exists within the cabinet of the speaker. All you have to do is plug in the mixer or other audio input and that is it. They are used as both main speakers that are directed towards the audience and as monitors that are directed towards the performers.

Active speakers, as opposed to passive speakers, provide a lot more convenience but there less customization. They come in different power ranges and as the venue size grows so does the power. They can easily be daisy chained with each other without having any impedance issues. For all these reasons, musicians and bands prefer these speakers during their gigs and concerts. These speakers usually have great sound quality provided you buy from a good brand name. They can last for years on end without losing the quality with usage. Even at the highest volume, some have protection features in place to protect the speakers.

Using passive speakers takes a lot of effort on your part because you have to look for compatible amps for the passive speakers you have. That all can be a bit tedious and as a musician, your focus should be on producing music and not speakers. This is why active speakers provide ease and flexibility.

Additionally, these speakers are all-in-one and can easily be carried. You would have a handle to hold it and virtually take anywhere. With passive speakers, you have a whole system to transport including amps.

What is bi-amplification?

Biamplification is the process that separates the audio signal into two ranges of frequencies. These separated frequencies are then amplified separately that are driven by separate speakers. The active crossovers send the lower frequencies to large drivers and higher ones to smaller drives. This basically allows the right amplifiers to be chosen that match well with the speakers. This is very common in sound reinforcement and is found in all active speakers. The result of biamplification is that you get a more balanced sound that is clear and audible.

What is a crossover?

The crossover is the device that actually divides the signal into separate frequencies that are then sent to drivers like speakers, horns, or tweeters. The two way crossover which is pretty common that has two filters lowpass and highpass. The former sends the lower frequencies to the woofer and the latter sends the higher frequencies to the tweeter. The crossover has either passive or active design. Anyone can set up a crossover in audio system but you should know where crossover points are located.

Do I need a subwoofer?

Subwoofers are speakers that are optimized to produce the lowest frequencies. Adding a subwoofer to the speaker would not necessarily make the sound louder or high in quality. The effect would be that the overall low-frequency volume would have a lot more punch. Some active speakers have built-in woofers so you probably will not even need to add a subwoofer.

Nevertheless, the 20Hz to 100 Hz range that subwoofers focus on can be difficult to produce with an active speaker. So if you really are a bass person, then getting a sub could be a good idea as it will enhance the bass and bring it to a more punchy level. In some cases, the vibrations may compromise mid or high frequencies. So essentially you will need a very high quality powered speaker to use with a subwoofer. Nevertheless, they can be a good addition to the sonic spectrum and make the sound somewhat fuller especially in a large venue with lots of people. Just like speakers, subwoofers are active as well as passive. The benefits are pretty much the same as well as they are in speakers.


Top 10 PA Loudspeakers for Worship Centers


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