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The New Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive Delivers New Levels of Processing Power 

The New Flagship Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive

The New Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive Delivers New Levels of Processing Power

Think DifFIRently About Digital Signal Processors


The New Flagship Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive Delivers new levels of processing power and controls

New Flagship Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive Front View

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional audio equipment, Wharfedale Pro has once again raised the bar with their latest flagship release, the SC-48 FIR Versadrive. This remarkable piece of technology isn’t just a digital signal processor; it’s a complete digital sound processing solution that promises to revolutionize the way you think about DSP.

Unlocking the Power of External Signal Processing

To truly harness the potential of any PA system, the role of external signal processing cannot be overstated. It’s the behind-the-scenes magician that handles routing, fine-tuning, and protection, ensuring that your audience experiences the pinnacle of audio excellence. And now, with the SC-48 FIR Versadrive, Wharfedale takes this experience to a whole new level.

FIR Filtering: The Game-Changer

So, what sets this model apart? Well, the answer lies in the product code itself: FIR Filtering. FIR, or Finite Impulse Response, Filtering is the technological backbone of the SC-48 FIR Versadrive. This innovation provides independent control of magnitude and phase, enabling you to achieve more detailed equalization and optimization of frequency and power response. In simple terms, this leads to a vastly improved system performance that will leave you in awe.

Versatile Configuration for Large Systems

With 4 input channels and a generous 8 output channels, the SC-48 FIR Versadrive offers a versatile solution for routing and distribution. Whether your project demands simplicity or complexity, this powerhouse of a processor has you covered.

Seamless Remote Control and Editing

Managing your audio system is a breeze with the SC-48 FIR Versadrive. You can remotely control and edit settings via PC through various connectivity options like USB, D-sub connector (RS485), and RJ45 connector (Ethernet). The included editing software ensures that you have the tools you need at your fingertips.

The Power of FIR Filtering in Your Hands

In essence, the SC-48 FIR Versadrive elevates your system’s performance to unprecedented levels by incorporating powerful FIR filtering. It’s a serious game-changer for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Front view of Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive

Front view of Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive

Rear view of Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive

Rear view of Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive

Amazing Features of the New Flagship Wharfedale SC-48 FIR Versadrive

  • Complete digital sound processing solution
  • Internal DSP + FIR filtering
  • 4 in / 8 out matrix
  • AES Digital input
  • Password protection for venue install
  • 24-bit 96 KHz AD/DA converters
  • RMS compressors AND Peak limiters on all outputs
  • USB / RS232 / RS485 / RJ45 connectivity
  • User-friendly software included

Software Control for Precision

The SC-48 FIR Versadrive offers unparalleled control via PC. This not only enhances convenience but provides a clear, graphical representation of your EQ and crossover points. Copying channel settings and organizing presets becomes a breeze. Plus, you can create system backups effortlessly.

Power That Makes a Difference

Not all DSP is created equal, and the SC-48 FIR knows it. It features independent RMS compressors and Peak limiters on all eight outputs, ensuring that your audio remains pristine and distortion-free.

Effects to Elevate Your Sound

An impressive array of effects is at your disposal. From input-side adjustments like Gain, Mute, High-pass and Low-pass filters, to 8-band parametric EQ, 31-band graphic EQ, Noise Gate, Phase, and Delay, you have complete control. For outputs, tailor your setup with Crossover, 5-band parametric EQ, Gain, Mute, Compressor/Limiter, Phase, Delay, and Linking.

Expand Your Horizons

While one SC-48 FIR Versadrive is a force on its own, the RS485 connection allows you to link up to 255 units, with remote control capabilities extending up to 1500 meters. Manage complete stadiums, superclubs, or multi-room installations with ease.

Uncompromising DSP Quality

Behind the scenes, all Versadrive models feature the highest quality 24-bit 96 KHz AD/DA converters. The internal DSP is powered by a 40-bit processor, offering precise adjustments from input to output, ensuring your audio system is perfectly balanced.

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