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How much is a sub speaker?

Prices of sub-speakers vary because it comes from a range of categories such as; Single-sub, Double-sub, Line arrays, Active-sub. Below are their range and prices.

range and prices.

Sub-Speakers Single-Sub Double-Sub Line Arrays Active-Sub Cost
Focus 18s

Focus 218s

Delta 18X

Delta 218X

Impact 18b





Why Are Sound Arrays Good?

The benefits of line arrays are unending. One major importance or benefits of line arrays is that you can achieve a greater sound consistency when using line arrays with line arrays your sound fills the whole room or space that it is installed from front to back, so it doesn’t just concentrate on a particular area when compared to other regular speakers that are restricted to a confined space the line array tops the chart. With the right set of line array systems, you are sure to cover your audiences instead of buying multiple regular speakers and placing them at different locations or points.

What does lines arrays mean?

A line array is simply a loudspeaker with a difference. a difference in the sense that it is a speaker that is made up of a number of usually identical loudspeaker elements mounted in a line and fed in phase, to create a near-line source of the sound. So with a line array, your sound can cover a very large audience, because it is a set of speakers that don’t direct sounds to the ceiling or the ground rather it pushes sound directly to its audiences. So the most important thing about this is to point the loudspeakers at the people in the most direct way possible.

Why are amp heads so expensive?

As earlier highlighted, your bass amp can either make or break your overall sound, so that a major reason why they are pricey.  These amps have more expensive components, larger cases, and more. So all these are why they are expensive.

How Do I Setup Line Array Systems?

Most people perceive a line array as lots of speakers all hanging together because that is what they see. But really a line array is more like one big speaker made up of multiple elements and should be treated as such. It’s a bit like Lego. And we know how a lego brick is built it’s just arranging pieces that fit or match. With that in mind, the approach to setting up and using a line array should really be in two distinct steps. Firstly we need a system engineer to design and build the line arrays to suit the venue in which they are being used, and to best amplify the content required. The content for performance is equally as important as the venue when designing a large line array system. For example, in a venue that seats 10,000 people there will be an obvious starting point for where to put the line arrays, then a venue that seats 5,000 people. Secondly, they will do an accurate room measurement then calculate the best placement of the line arrays to cover the audience area most effectively. This is when a discussion on the content of the performance is required; information on what needs to be achieved by the system should be decided so that the system engineer can adjust their design to provide the required result. Then they will build and rig the system to the agreed design. Once the line array system is rigged they need time to correctly tune the arrays according to their calculations.

Why go for PreSonus Audio Mixers?

Aside from shopping online for your favorite musical instruments and equipment, we also provide buying guides to shoppers online. Our excellent customer care and after-sales support services ensure you get the best value for your money. We guide you on how to find the right mixer for your needs. A sound mixer (also known as a mixing board) basically has two primary jobs. One, it lets you blend and tweak the audio signals coming in from microphones, musical instruments, and other audio sources. And also, it sends the mixed and polished signals to its output jacks, which connect to amplifiers, powered loudspeakers, or a recording system. In addition, audio mixers are of three types of audio mixers — analog, powered, and digital mixers. Each of these types has its pros and cons. Selecting a mixer for your application can be challenging but the right mixer, properly gain-staged, will make mixing and recording much easier. Our guide will help you pick out the best mixer for your budget and set it up so that you get the best results. So back to the original question, why go for PreSonus Audio Mixers?

PreSonus® StudioLive® Series III, StudioLive AR, and StudioLive Classic digital mixers provide complete, easy-to-use solutions for live and studio applications. Top-shelf components that deliver amazing sound, while full-featured processing is available on virtually every input and bus. The integrated recording interface, networking features, and tightly integrated software provide recording, editing, and computer-control, including simultaneous wireless remote control from laptops, iOS® devices, and Android™ devices. Once you understand the complexities involved in choosing the perfect digital mixer for your application, you may feel overwhelmed.

What is the best 12-inch subwoofer?

Wharfedale-pro Titan Subwoofer speakers. Uniquely built in that size and shape to serve you with the best audio feel. The Wharfedale Pro Titan Sub-A12 is a powerful active subwoofer speaker for small and medium active PA speaker setups. It uses a 12” active reflex subwoofer to generate 250W RMS (500W peak) power, with a frequency response of 55-200Hz. It’s a perfect match teamed up with the Wharfedale Titan 8A MKII for an incredibly portable sound reinforcement system.

That’s why its the best subwoofer speaker in the 12-inch category

Should I get a combo amp or a head?

Depending on what you have a ground and your objectives. If you already have an amp, you need to compliment with speakers. A Combo is simply having an amplifier and a speaker cabinet at the same time, so just imagine how amazing your sound would be when connected to a Combo.

What Are The Best Line Array Systems?

It is true that there are different types of line array systems with their different functionalities. But there are some line array systems that have been topping the chart for a while now as the best-selling line array system. The Wharfedale WLA-210 line array system is one line array speaker that has been a world’s best-seller for years this line array has 2 cones each per speaker, now these two cones are 10 inches in terms of size so what that means is this line array has the capacity of covering a very large audience so it is highly recommended, and you can get this from Urukka Online limited

Do studio monitors need a subwoofer?

Yes, they do! not quite compulsory but if a person wants it, it is surely needed, to that I would recommend PreSonus Temblor T10 Powered Studio Subwoofer, but, if you want something smaller just in case you are holding your studio in a tight room Presonus Eris E44 – mid-woofer studio monitor might just want you to need, quite effective in giving you the subwoofer feeling.

Need more info on Presonus studio equipment? the American brand is one of the sorts after studio equipment in the country.

Is there an amp for both guitar and bass?

guitar and bass hybrid amp (or a combined amp) can accept input from either bass or guitar. These amps are designed to play both instruments with good quality tone. The ASHDOWN RM-C210T-500 EVO II COMBO, ASHDOWN RM-C115T-500 EVO II COMBO, and ASHDOWN ORIGINAL C210T-300 KICKBACK COMBO are designed to work with three different instrument inputs: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass.

How long do deliveries outside Lagos take?

Please be assured that we have your best interest as our customer. Hence, to ensure our commitment to our customers, deliveries outside Lagos will take 5 working days.

Can you plug headphones into an amp head?

Simply plug your headphones into the headphones out jack and you‘re good to go. While many modern amps provide 3.5mm headphone jacks (1/8″ standard headphone size), some use a 6.3mm (1/4″) output (the same size jack as your guitar cable). You will need to use an adapter to connect your headphones to your guitar amp. Headphones are not a perfect substitute for speakers. Using a headphone with your amp head will fry your headphone. You either get a dedicated speaker cabinet or you get a combo – amp head and speaker cabinet.

Can you use an amp head without a cabinet?

No, It’s not possible. The head is an amplifier that drives a speaker. “The cab” is a short form for the speaker cabinetWithout a speaker, an amp doesn’t make any sound. So no amp head without a cabinet.

Active vs passive speakers: what's the difference?

Active vs passive speakers: what’s the difference?

We specialize in active and passive speakers here at Irukka Online Musical Equipment mall in Nigeria.

A great part of our job in stores and online is being able to answer questions like “What is the difference between active and passive PA speakers?

We can categorically tell you that active speakers are different from passive speakers. A passive speaker does not have in-built amplifiers and thus requires an external power amplifier to operate. On the other hand, active speakers have an in-built power amplifier, so they just need a source to operate on their own.

What are active speakers?

An active speaker is essentially an all-in-one system that powers your speakers, a selection of active speaker also include mixers already built-in, with EQ settings and even microphone preamps.

What are passive speakers?

For passive speakers, they are not an all-in-one system, you have to get an external amplifier and make sure that the speakers and the amplifiers are compatible to give the best power rating.

In fact, our service engineers are always ready and available 24/7 to help you find the right solution for your needs.

Why go for PreSonus Soundcards over Focusrite?

PreSonus Sound Cards Interface vs Focusrite Sound Card Interface. re you still looking for the best soundcard to buy and struggling to choose between Focusrite and PreSonus Sound Card? Go through the short footnote below and you will be convinced that the PreSonus sound card will offer you more in terms of Superior Software Integration, Superior Speed, and Superior Flexibility Superior Sound helping you makes the most of your investment. And if you buy online at Irukka Music Store, you will enjoy unbeatable customer service support with a lifetime after-sales support at a rate that won’t cost you much. PreSonus Sound cards are physically rugged constructed with all-metal chassis. PreSonus soundcards are the perfect solution to take your analog gear into the digital domain. I can’t think of another interface of this quality that is this affordable. You can check the Presonus Audiobox’s and Soundcard’s prices on Irukka, here.



Whether you’ve always wanted to learn the drums, you need a quiet set up for home practice or you want an electronic kit that’s suitable for gigging and recording, TourTech has something for everyone.

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Why Do I Need TourTech Instrument and Accessories?


From function-packed electronic drum kits to high-quality music accessories including cables, cases, instrument stands, capos and tuners, speaker stands, microphone stands, stools and power supplies, TourTech has the essentials you need to keep playing the music you love.

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Whether you’re a musician, engineer or producer, performing on stage or recording in the studio, you’ll understand that it’s not just the gear itself you need. It’s transporting it safely to and from, as well as the essential cables and support that you need to keep it all running.

When you take your instrument along with you to gigs or band practice, you’re going to need something to protect it.

TOURTECH provides a range of different options for different instruments, making sure you’re covered, whatever your needs and budget are.

What are the List of DJ Equipment/Gear to you have in store?

List of DJ Equipment/Gear you have in store?

DJ Turntable: Pioneer DJ PLX-500-K
DJ Turntable: Numark TTUSB
DJ Mixer: Allen & Heath XONE
DJ Mixer: Numark M2Black
DJ Controller: Native Instruments Traktor Control S2
DJ Controller: Denon DJ MC4000
DJ Software: Serato DJ
DJ App: Traktor DJ
Presonus HD9 headset
DJ Stand, Rack and Case: Odyssey FZGSPIDDJSXBL
Wharfedale impact 215ll professional speakers

Looking for where to get original DJ equipment/gear? You can make you from Irukka online and enjoy Irukka offers which are free delivery, discount on sales, deferred payment plan, installment payment plan, and other benefits to let you acquire only the best professional loudspeakers for your worship centers.

Feel free to call 08165730634, 08148722878 for more inquiries or making orders. You can as well visit

What is the difference between sound card and audio interface?

What is the difference between a sound card and an audio interface?

Technically speaking, a sound card is functionally the same as an audio interface but in features, a sound card has minimal input and output as well as lower audio recording quality. The audio interface typically is an outboard unit that has better sound quality and more inputs and outputs. Audio interface lets you record all the inputs available simultaneously meanwhile a sound card will only allow for tracking and recording one at a time. You should expect a greater performance as using an audio interface will help reduce the load on the CPU compared to when using a sound card.

Advantages of Audio Interface over Sound Card

There are many advantages of having an audio interface over a sound card. You have additional features such as:

  • High Quality Converters
  • Great Sounding Preamps
  • Latency and Reduced Delays
  • More Inputs
  • More Outputs. We make a list of all outputs available on Audio Interface
    • Monitor Outputs
    • MIDI Outputs
    • Line Input & Outputs
    • Headphones Outputs
    • ADAT
    • SPDIF
    • Word Clock

Irukka sound equipment store is a host to top music instrument/ sound equipment brands, assuring quality in products and after-sales service. Arguably it is Nigeria’s biggest online sound equipment store in the country, with an offline store across the country which aids effective delivery service, soundcheck, and sound equipment installation.

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