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Presonus StudoLive AR16c Hybrid Mixer


Shop and Buy Presonus StudioLive AR16C Channel Digital Mixer on Irukka Online

Audio Recording Made Easy With PreSonus StudioLive AR16C

StudioLive AR16c: 16 channel USB-C™ Compatible Audio Interface / Analog Mixer / Stereo SD Recorder. Don’t let the classic analog mixer design fool you—the StudioLive® AR16c was built to record. The StudioLive AR16c audio interface operates at up to 96 kHz for high-definition mixing and recording. Record each of the 16 inputs, plus the main mix for even more flexible recording options.  The channel that does it all… even Bluetooth connectivity! You can also toggle between a stereo playback stream from your computer and playback from the onboard SD recorder, making rehearsal a snap.

PreSonus StudioLive AR16C- 16 Channels Hybrid Mixer Shop and Buy On Irukka Online.

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Wireless Microphone – Wharfedale Aeroline Vocals

The Wharfedale Aeroline Vocal Microphone System was built and design to capture the details and warmth of your voice. That sounds amazing right. Let me not assume, you soon going to discover that yourself.

Shop and Buy Wharfedale Aeroline Vocal Microphone Online on Irukka

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Digital Mixer 32 Channel – Presonus StudioLive



Buy your audio mixers on Irukka Nigeria! Find top brands for your sound mixers – PreSonus, Wharfedale and more.

32 CHANNEL DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE IN NIGERIA: SHOP @ DISCOUNT BUY ONLINE DIGITAL MIXER 32-Channel in Nigeria - BUY NOW PRESONUS 32 CHANNEL DIGITAL MIXER - BUY NOW PRESONUS DIGITAL MIXERS. GET BEST PRICE OF A mixing console 32-channel. Make your order and enjoy Irukka offers; discounts on sales, free delivery, after-sales service, and deferred payment plan... Order today & pay on delivery! Get Prices of digital mixers in Nigeria. Irukka sound equipment store is the biggest online sound equipment store in the country, with its retail stores across Nigeria and Africa.
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Wharfedale Power Amplifier DP series 4065 – Slave Engine

560,000 Wharfedale Power Amplifiers in Lagos for sale | Visit Wharfedale Nigeria Store to Get Free Delivery & Discount on Sales ✓ Click here to Buy Online Wharfedale digital amplifiers ✓ Buy Wharfedale power amp dp series 4065 starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers: discount on sales ✓ free delivery ✓ deferred payment plan ✓ one-year guarantee ✓ after-sales service ✓
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Power Amplifier – Wharfedale DP Series 4100


Shop and Buy Wharfedale DP-4100 Power Amplifier on Irukka Online

The DP-4100 power amplifier is suitable for professional live sound reinforcement or fixed installations. The 4-channel DP-4100 delivers extreme power from a lightweight box. Its advanced switch mode power supply and super-efficient Class D topology deliver high power with low distortion. With 4 discrete channels and multiple operating modes. It's simple to configure into the most complex of installations or touring rigs. The Wharfedale DP-4100 seamlessly integrated within any professional sound system thanks to the XLR input connectors and SpeakON-compatible output. Internally, the Wharfedale DP-4100 has a full suite of protection circuitry which includes thermal, over-current, DC, short circuit protect and power on/off mute. This level of protection ensures long term system reliability and peace of mind should the worst ever happen

Wharfedale DP Series 4100 is for Professional Live Sound Reinforcement or Fixed Installations

Enjoy Free Delivery on Wharfedale Power Amplifiers in Lagos | Wharfedale Power Amplifiers | Wharfedale Products in Nigeria Buy now | Wharfedale Power Amplifier DP Series 4100 on Irukka Online
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Wharfedale Speaker Impact 215LL


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Speaker Impact 215LL on Irukka Online

IMPACT 215LL - A huge and powerful addition to the IMPACT series

Using two, newly designed custom Wharfedale Pro 15” drivers and the acclaimed IRIS X HF compression driver, the new IMPACT 215LL is not only physically bigger than its predecessor but is significantly LOUDER. Rated at 1600w Programme and with a Peak of 3200w, IMPACT 215LL is simply HUGE. But power needs control and refinement. IMPACT 215LL is constructed of 15mm MDF which makes the cabinet tight and with reduced physical distortion. Internally a precisely engineered crossover enables this new loudspeaker to deliver the most extreme highs and rumbling lows ever experienced from an IMPACT series full-range model. The 90° x 60° elliptical waveguide produces a smooth high-frequency dispersion that sits perfectly with other models from the IMPACT series.

Shop and Buy Impact 215LL Double Top Passive Speaker | Wharfedale Pro | Impact 215LL Price Wharfedale Speakers Impact 215LL | Wharfedale Speakers Impact 215 LL Price Online on Irukka.

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Wharfedale Line Array System – WLA-210X


The Portable, Powerful and Versatile WLA 210X Passive Line Array Systems

WLA 210X Pass Line Array Speakers keeps and extends the same design philosophies as the acclaimed WLA-25 and WLA-28 systems from Wharfedale Pro. WLA 210X line array is designed with long-throw capable of covering a large capacity of audience each WLA 210x element uses a pair of custom 10” Wharfedale Pro high power low-frequency drivers, while the high frequencies are handled by a premium 3.0 titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet compression driver coupled to a 100-degree x 10-degree waveguide. The WLA 210x delivers a special 138db max SPL with its 100-degree x 10 degrees making it a 1,000-degree angle of dispersion. The WLA 210X system boost portability, power, and versatility. The WLA 210X line array solutions are ideal for both touring and fixed installation applications.

Shop and Buy WLA 210X Line Array Passive Speaker | Wharfedale Pro

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Wharfedale Amplifier MP2800 – Professional Audio system


Price of Wharfedale MP 2800 Amplifier

MP2800 Wharfedale Power Amplifier

For over 13 years the Wharfedale Pro MP2800 has been used by customers around the world who stretch it to its limits. Pushed to the limits of extreme heat, poor ventilation, shocking vibration and surviving in incredible levels of dust, and irregular AC conditions, MP2800 has proved itself as truly reliable. It's massive toroidal transformer fills over a third of the internal casing and ensures smooth power stability in almost any AC situation. It may not be the prettiest, it may not be the lightest, it may not be the most technologically advanced but, like a favorite hammer, its a tool to rely on.  

Wharfedale MP2800 Power Amplifier | MP2800 Amplifier Prices |  Amplifiers Prices in Nigeria

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Wharfedale Amplifier – MP1800


Price of Wharfedale MP1800 Amplifier

MP1800 Wharfedale Power Amplifier


Sonic accuracy and durability are the most important features of a professional power amplifier, which have been considered in all elements of the MP1800. Each model in the MP Series uses an all all-steel chassis along with state-of-the-art electronic components, all housed within a unique amplifier design that provides high power and clean signal reproduction in a variety of applications and loudspeaker configurations.    

Wharfedale MP1800 Power Amplifier | MP1800 Amplifier Prices |  Amplifiers Prices in Nigeria | Prices of Wharfedale Amplifiers in Nigeria | Amplifiers for Sale in Nigeria

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Wharfedale Line Array speakers – WLA-28


Shop and Buy Online WLA-28 | Water-resistant line array Speaker Systems on Irukka

The WLA-28 Line Array Speaker is a professional, discretely aesthetic PA loudspeaker system prepared for the rigors of life on the road and built to last longer. Get the WLA-28 Professional Sound Line Array Speaker on Irukka Online. Wharfedale pro-WLA-28 line array uses a pair of high-powered 8” LF drivers and a 3.2” neodymium HF driver to generate an impressive 132dB Max SPL and 1600W peak power. Arrays of up to 12 WLA-28 modules can be suspended using the WLA-28 Fly Frame, or up to 8 WLA-28 combined with a WLA-15B for maximum impact.  

WLA-28 Line Array System Huge Power Potential

Shop and Buy Online WLA-28 | Water-resistant line array Speaker Systems | Passive Line array | Acoustic Line array Speakers | Outdoor Hanging Speakers | Concert Loudspeaker, Line array speakers on Irukka in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Wharfedale Delta Speaker – X215 Passive Speaker


Shop and Buy  Delta X 215 - Wharfedale Passive Speakers on Irukka Online

Delta X 215 is a Quasi 3-way passive pa speaker, the largest in the series. Featuring a 2” titanium voice coil combined with a 2 x 15” low distortion cast frame woofers, the loudspeaker generates 1000 watts RMS of power spanning a full range sound of 45Hz – 20kHz while the 90 x 60 waveguides ensure a long-throw projection.
Buy Wharfedale delta speaker in Nigeria Online, Shop Online & Buy Wharfedale passive Speaker in Nigeria Online at discount. Shop for speakers & sound equipment at Irukka online store. Irukka offers; discounts on sales, free delivery, after-sales service, and deferred payment plan.
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Wharfedale Power Amplifier CPD 3600 – Slave engine

The CPD3600 is part of Wharfedale Pro’s latest line of professional power amplifiers driving earth shaking audio from the front of your venue, all the way to the back. Wharfedale Power Amplifier in Lagos for sale With Free Delivery ✓ Wharfedale Slave engine CPD 3600 ✓ Wharfedale Products in Nigeria Shop Online Buy Now starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers: discount on sales ✓ free delivery ✓ deferred payment plan ✓ one-year guarantee ✓ after-sales service ✓ Wharfedale power Amplifier - Slave engine CPD 3600 is part of Wharfedale Pro's latest line of professional Wharfedale power amplifiers driving earth shaking audio from the front of your venue...
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