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Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker EXSON-S

40,000 29,000
Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wharfedale Exson S is a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers an excellent combination of portability and

Wharfedale Wireless Earbuds Wpod – Wireless earpiece

IRUKKA MUSICAL STORE: BLUETOOTH WIRELESS EARPHONES & EARPIECE IN NIGERIA WITH WARRANTY ❤ WHARFEDALE WPOD WIRELESS EARBUDS IN NIGERIA FOR SALE ❤ BLUETOOTH WIRELESS EARPIECE IN LAGOS❤❤starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers when you buy Wharfedale earpiece✓ Wharfedale earphones✓ cheap earbuds in Nigeria✓ cheap earpiece in Nigeria✓

Wharfedale Bluetooth Portable Speakers – Isoline-812

650,000❤ BLUETOOTH PORTABLE SPEAKERS WITH SUBWOOFER IN NIGERIA FOR SALE SHOP NOW ❤ WHARFEDALE BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS ISOLINE- 812 ❤ WHARFEDALE PRODUCTS➔Wharfedale portable speaker ISOLINE-812 Portable column PA system. The Isoline-812 is your fastest route to a professional, compact PA system starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers: discount on sales ✓ free delivery ✓ deferred payment plan ✓ one-year guarantee ✓ after-sales service ✓

Wharfedale Bluetooth Speaker – Active Typhon AX12-BT

280,000 270,000
Wharfedale Bluetooth  Speaker – Active Typhon AX12 BT Wharfedale Typhon AX12 BT active speaker, features power, control and “invincibility” which