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Wharfedale Line Array Sub Speaker WLA-218BX – Subwoofer


WLA-218BX - The New Wharfedale Line Array Sub Speaker


  • 2 x 18″ LF drivers
  • 4.0″ voice coils
  • Inverted Stack Gradient Array (iSGA) configuration
  • 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood construction
  • 2000 W AES (Continuous)
  • 4000 W Programme
  • 8000 W Peak
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • A powerful sub with cardioid functionality
  • 148 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter
Check out the Specification of WLA-218BX Subwoofer

Wharfedale Line Array Sub Speaker WLA-218BX | WLA-218BX SUBWOOFER | Line Array Subwoofer | SPECIFICATIONS OF WLA-218BX SUBWOOFER

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PreSonus SHK-1 Anti-Vibration Microphone Shock Mount


Experienced recordists know that mechanical handling noise and environmental vibrations are very easily picked up by sensitive microphones—and the low bumps and rumbles they create can ruin otherwise perfect recordings! Keep physical vibrations out of your microphone and ensure the best-possible recording quality with the SHK-1 shock mount. The SHK-1 isolates your microphone from the mechanical vibrations of the physical world—meaning when you record, you only have your voice or instrument to worry about.

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Honest, uncoloured sound Bluetooth input with TWS stereo linking Balanced inputs – XLR, 6.3 mm combi jack RCA stereo inputs
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Presonus Broadcast Accessory Pack

Microphone boom arm, pop filter, headphones, and XLR cable in an affordable bundle Features Single-purchase microphone accessory solution PBA-1 microphone
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Presonus HP4: Headphone Amplifier

If you and your session players and bandmates tired of straining to hear underpowered headphones? Worry no more, because the
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Presonus HP2: Personal Monitoring For Stage and Studio.

Designed for musicians and performers who demand mobility without compromising audio quality, the HP2 personal headphone amplifier is a great
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PreSonus Eris HD10BT Headphones


Price of PreSonus Eris HD10BT Headphones

PreSonus Eris HD10BT: Professional Headphones

Professional musicians and audio engineers rely on high-quality headphones in the studio to make sure they can hear every sonic detail. The New PreSonus® Eris® HD10BT headphones provide studio-quality audio performance with the mobility and freedom of Bluetooth connectivity. Active Noise Canceling (ANC) reduces ambient sounds by up to 18 dB, so whether you’re walking down a busy street or sitting in the middle seat on an airplane, you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or binge-worthy TV series in vivid sonic fidelity.

Studio sound wherever you go with our new Eris HD10BT Headphones


PreSonus Eris HD10BT Headset Price

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Eris E5 XT

Presonus best-selling studio monitors just got better. With their smooth, accurate frequency response; powerful amplification with tons of headroom; and
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Kurzweil PC4 Workstation / Synthesizers


Shop and Buy Kurzweil PC4 Workstation Keyboard Online on Irukka

The Kurzweil PC4 is an extremely powerful workstation that has taken a big leap forward from its previous generation. Overall, the Kurzweil PC4 is definitely a step up from the previous models from Kurzweil. It comes in with 1000 inbuilt programs with our 4096 user programs, featuring up to 16 independent zones, and can sequence 16 tracks both event and track base. The Kurzweil PC4 has an all-new 6 – operator FM engine with the ability to import FM SysEx files and more. The VAST synth engine is also the staple for Kurzweil’s and I have to agree, there’s an infinite amount that you can do with it in terms of sound design. Kurzweil PC4 has over 88 Keys fully weighted, with high pixel high-resolution color LCD with adjustable brightness. PC4 also gives you master EQ/Compressor with over 1000 complex effect chains. The initial Kurzweil PC4 is being advertised as 88 fully-weighted hammer-action keys, however, it is expected to also be available in 76 and 61 keys.

Features of Kurzweil PC4 Workstation / Synthesizers

  • It has over 88 Keys fully-weighted
  • Has over 480X272 Pixel high-resolution color LCD with adjustable brightness
  • PC4 also gives you master EQ/Compressor
  • Over 1000 complex effect chains
  • Over 1000 Inbuilt programs
  • 4096 User Programs
  • And more
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Kurzweil KM88 MIDI Controller 88-Note Keyboard


Price of Kurzweil KM88 MIDI Controller 88-Note Keyboard Online in Nigeria

Kurzweil KM88 MIDI Controller

Take control of your rig with the Kurzweil KM88, a desktop-driven, 4-zone MIDI controller. Express yourself on the 88-note, fully weighted Real Piano Hammer-Action keys. Tailor the KM88 output response to best suit your sound source and playing style via 7 selectable key velocity maps. The KM88 offers two switch pedal and one continuous controller pedal input – all user-programmable. Create custom split and layer combinations with up to 4 independent zones, each with its own controller assignments. Store each configuration as its own “Multi” for easy recall.  

Shop and Buy The Kurzweil KM88 MIDI Controller Online on Irukka

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Kurzweil KP300X 76-Note Portable-Arranger Keyboard


Shop and Buy Kurzweil KP300X 76-Note Portable-Arranger Keyboard Online on Irukka

As you already know, the Kurzweil keyboard is solidly built with extraordinary features that are very user-friendly and the KP-300 delivers just that and more to any user. The Kurzweil KP 300 comes fully equipped with a 76 notes synth action with a touch-sensitive key6 selectable response levels for effectiveness, and 737 preset programs. Kurzweil KP 300 also features 128 voice polyphony and 50 user presets programs6 tracks, and up to 10 user sequencers and a recorder. With its 40 watts, in-built 4 speaker stereo sound system gives out a resounding and powerful sound. The Kurzweil KP 300 also comes with 240 auto-accompanied styles with over 10 reverbs,  metronome, 8 types of the chorus with EQ to play along with. With the easy-to-use song recording features, you can record your own keyboard performances. The innovative Performance Assistant helps you to perform various idiomatic musical phrases that can be triggered by playing just a few keys. 

Kurzweil KP300X 76-Note Portable-Arranger Keyboard

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PreSonus Atom SQ – Hybrid MIDI Keyboard / Pad Performance Controller


Shop and Buy PreSonus Atom SQ - Hybrid MIDI Keyboard / Pad Performance controller Online 

ATOM SQ: Hybrid MIDI Keyboard / Pad Performance and Production Controller

Modern musicians, performers, and producers need to move quickly from programming drums and samples to playing synth lines and back again. PreSonus ATOM SQ was designed as a versatile and expressive MIDI pad controller for contemporary music production. Its unique design is optimized for both classic TR-style 16-step beat sequencing and drum pattern editing in Studio One or playing instruments and launching clips in Ableton Live—yet its staggered and RGB-lit 32-pad configuration is instantly familiar to anyone who’s played a controller keyboard. Advanced features let you change the keyboard scale, and a built-in arpeggiator and user-configurable touch strip make the ATOM SQ the most expressive controller you’ll ever use. In fact, it’s the best PreSonus Studio One MIDI controller available.
PreSonus Atom SQ | PreSonus Atom SQ Price | PreSonus Atom SQ Review | PreSonus Atom SQ Manual | PreSonus Atom SQ Midi Keyboard
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