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  • 2000 Watts continuous
  • Dual 15″ subwoofer
  • Internal DSP with FIR presets
  • Network connection using RS485 protocol
  • 145 dB Max SPL @ 1 m
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Shop and Buy Wharfedale Pro WLA-28SUB     


Checkout the Features of WLA-28SUB

  • Dual 15″ LF drivers with 4.0″ voice coils
  • 145 dB Max SPL
  • 15 mm / 18 mm Birch plywood construction
  • Integral rigging system
  • 1200 watts AES (RMS)
  • 2400 watts Programme
  • 4800 watts Peak
  • 4 Ω impedance

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WLA-28SUB | DUAL 8" POWER ARRAY | WLA-28 | Price of WLA-28SUB | Features of WLA-28SUB | Specs of WLA-28SUB

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Wharfedale Portable Speakers – Titan 15 Passive Loudspeaker


TITAN AX15 Passive Speaker

Being the mid-sized speaker model within the range, the Titan 12 offers a perfect balance between portability with a full-range sound. Titan loudspeakers pride themselves on custom Wharfedale Pro drivers. The IRIS-X HF compression driver used in Titan-X12, Titan-12Z and Titan-X15 feature a 1.75″ voice coil and is unique at this price point. All Titan Active models are bi-amplified.  The internal amplifiers have been tuned specifically for the HF and LF drivers that we have chosen. This makes for perfect power and frequency transfer, resulting in the sonic experience that you’d expect from a Wharfedale Pro active loudspeaker.


All Titan loudspeakers are versatile.  For on stage, or for an installation, there are fixtures and fittings to suit.
  • 8″, 12″ and 15″ Plastic, passive loudspeakers
  • IP54 Certified
  • Installation, DJs, bands and performance
  • Wharfedale Pro drivers
  • Portable and powerful
  • M8 rigging points
  • Optional wall brackets
  • Optional tour bags
  • Versatile !
Pound for pound, the Wharfedale Titan 15 passive PA speaker is one of the most competent loudspeakers, fusing affordability and of course audio fidelity into an exceptionally lightweight polypropylene cabinet.
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Wharfedale Line Array Sub Speaker WLA-218BX – Subwoofer


WLA-218BX - The New Wharfedale Line Array Sub Speaker


  • 2 x 18″ LF drivers
  • 4.0″ voice coils
  • Inverted Stack Gradient Array (iSGA) configuration
  • 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood construction
  • 2000 W AES (Continuous)
  • 4000 W Programme
  • 8000 W Peak
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • A powerful sub with cardioid functionality
  • 148 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter
Check out the Specification of WLA-218BX Subwoofer

Wharfedale Line Array Sub Speaker WLA-218BX | WLA-218BX SUBWOOFER | Line Array Subwoofer | SPECIFICATIONS OF WLA-218BX SUBWOOFER

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Wharfedale Reason-X218B Sub


Wharfedale REASON-X218B Series Dual 18” Subwoofer

Key Features of Wharfedale Reason-X218B Dual 18" Subwoofer

  • Dual 18″ passive subwoofer
  • All new LF drivers
  • 4.0″ voice coils
  • Aluminum basket design
  • 4 side handles
  • Max SPL @ 1 meter 148 dB
  • 2000 w AES (RMS)
  • 4000 w Program
  • 8000 w Peak
Check out the Specifications of  REASON-X Series 3-way Passive PA 18″ Subwoofers REASON-X Series 3-way Passive PA with huge 18″ Subwoofers | REASON-X SUBS | REASON-X | Reason-X Subwoofer
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Shop and Buy Passive subwoofer reason-x18b Wharfedale Online

3-way passive PA with huge 18″ subwoofers

  • 18″ passive subwoofer
  • All new LF driver
  • 4.0″ voice coil
  • Aluminium basket design
  • 35mm pole socket plus 2 side handles
  • Max SPL @ 1 meter 139 dB
  • 1000 w AES (RMS)
  • 12” and 15” full range 3-way models
  • All new Z38 PE HF Compression drivers
  • 8.0” mid range 
  • 3.0”  LF coils with φ190mm ferrite magnets
  • 2 models of 18” Sub-sub-woofers
  • NOMEX subwoofer spiders
  • Premium baltic birch construction
  • Dust proof foam behind front grilles


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Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B Active Subwoofer


Shop and Buy Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B Active Subwoofer on Irukka Online

Hold on to your socks!  T-Sub-AX15B is going to blow them off! The BASS you have been searching for is here!! Looking for that active subwoofer that really gives the bass?? Look no further, the Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B is created to exactly give that Bass. The T-Sub-AX15B runs at 700 W Continuous, 1400 W Peak 15”. T-Sub-AX15B.....destroying its competitor by +75%

Wharfedale | Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B Active Subwoofer | Prices Subwoofers | Church Speakers Prices in Nigeria

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Wharfedale Subwoofer Passive Speaker – Delta X18B


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Subwoofer Delta 18B Passive Speaker Online on Irukka

Delta 18B Performance you can depend on

The largest 1 driver sub in the Delta Series, the Delta 18b Subwoofer is a high quality, road-ready with a high output. Featuring an 18” low distortion cast frame woofer, the loudspeaker generates 700 watts RMS of power spanning a substantially low end of 42 – 150Hz (non-bi-amped) suitable for the most demanding genres and applications. Rhino Rock™, our new textured composite finish is used in the Delta 15B, providing a great look of a painted finish with the durability of a carpet-covered enclosure giving you the best of both worlds. The Delta 18B Subwoofer is constructed from plywood and features a steel pole mount receptacle. Delta 18B is ready for a lifetime on the road and built to take whatever life on the tour throws at it.

Delta-18B Single Chamber Subwoofer Passive Speaker

Prices of Wharfedale Subwoofer Speakers | Delta 18B | Wharfedale Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Churches in Nigeria | Delta 18B Single Subwoofers

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Wharfedale Subwoofers – Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofer


Shop and Buy Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofer Online on Irukka

Focus-218S Dual Subwoofer Passive Speaker

Music to the masses! With the Wharfedale Pro Focus 218S Sub point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. The Focus 218S subwoofer puts out an impressive 146dB peak SPL of pounding bass with a maximum power handling capacity of 8000 watts peak. Need more? Just double up! The Focus V-Tech side-by-side driver placement maximizes mutual coupling and boundary-effect reinforcement to move massive amounts of air and push the beat to the soul of your audience. Focus tops and subs are superbly engineered to work together seamlessly and provide maximum efficiency. Focus’s easy adaptability makes it perfect for portable rentals, touring, and fixed stage

Wharfedale – Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofer

Prices of Wharfedale Subwoofer Speakers | Focus 218S | Wharfedale Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Churches in Nigeria | Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofers

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Wharfedale Double Subwoofer Speaker – Delta X218B


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Delta X218B Double Subwoofer Online in Nigeria

Delta X 218B double subwoofers are perfect for fixed installation and touring applications. Delta X218B Double Subwoofer is made of premium Russian birch plywood. The two 18” Wharfedale Pro LF transducers with massive 4” voice coils work together to deliver up to 138dB Max SPL at 4Ω Parallel / 8Ω Discrete impedance. Delta X 218B is including 2 x 18” cast frame woofers to ensure quality but the Rhino Rock textured black paint finish and steel grille will ensure complete protection too. The huge 4" voice coils ensures massive power handling. The Delta X218B can handle peaks of up to 6400w and programme material averaging 3200w. These custom Wharfedale Pro drivers are efficient and powerful - delivering the sub-bass punch needed for larger gigs and impressive installations.

DELTA-X218B Dual Chamber Subwoofer Passive Speaker

Prices of Wharfedale Speakers | Wharfedale Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Churches in Nigeria | Delta X 218B Double Subwoofers
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