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Ashdown Rootmaster RM-210T-EVO II

300,000 280,000

Shop and Buy Ashdown Rootmaster RM-210T-EVO II Combo Online.

Rootmaster RM-210T-EVO II Combo Experience ultimate quality sound production with RM-210T-EVO II Combo Speaker cabinet that is purposely built to last longer. RM-210T-EVO II Combo? Shop Ashdown on Irukka Online. ✓ Over 19 stores ✓ Lowest price guarantee ✓ Nationwide Delivery ✓ Extensive selection.

Wharfedale Active Monitor PDM-100

140,000 130,000
Wharfedale Active Monitor The PDM-100 is an active floor monitor – ideal for electronic drums. The portable two-way speaker system

Wharfedale Wired Microphone DM57 3-in-1

Wharfedale Wired Microphone Wharfedale wired microphone DM-57 is a dynamic moving coil microphone designed to handle a wide variety of

Wharfedale M16 Digital Mixer

Wharfedale Digital Mixer Wharfedale Pro M16 is a unique and innovative multi-function digital mixing console, with many advantages such as

JBL professional speaker MRX 525

430,000 380,000
JBL professional speaker MRX525 Dual 15″ Two-Way Dual Chamber, Bass Reflex, Main PA Full Bandwidth Applications Dual 15″ Two-Way Dual

JBL professional speaker JRX 125

350,000 299,000
JBL professional speaker JRX125 Dual 15″ Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System Dual 15″ Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System The JRX125

Wharfedale Bluetooth Speaker Exson M

35,000 26,000
Bluetooth speaker Wharfedale Exson M is the ultimate versatile portable Bluetooth speaker for the active lifestyle. With Wharfedale’s Maxx Bass

Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker EXSON-S

40,000 29,000
Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wharfedale Exson S is a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers an excellent combination of portability and

Wharfedale Wireless Earbuds Wpod – Wireless earpiece

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Wharfedale speakers Titan Passive 15Z – Sound equipment

450,000 290,000▷▷ PRICE OF SPEAKERS ONLINE IN NIGERIA ▷▷ SHOP WHARFEDALE LOUDSPEAKERS IN LAGOS ▷▷ Speakers in Nigeria ▷▷ TITAN 15Z WHARFEDALE PASSIVE SPEAKERS❤❤ Wharfedale PRODUCTS IN Nigeria @ IRUKKA ONLINE. TITAN 15Z ❤ Our highest power handling passive SPEAKERS IN NIGERIA TITAN 15" ❤starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers: discount on sales ✓ free delivery ✓ deferred payment plan ✓ one-year guarantee ✓ after-sales service ✓

PreSonus Faderport USB Production Controller

PreSonus Faderport USB Production Controller Although a keyboard and mouse are tried-and-true DAW-control devices, they’re far more effective when used

Presonus HD9 Headset

40,000 33,000
IRUKKA MUSICAL STORE: 7% DISCOUNT ON HEADPHONES IN NIGERIA ❤ SHOP ONLINE PRESONUS HD9 HEADPHONES IN LAGOS WITH FREE DELIVERY ❤ PLACE TO BUY HEADPHONES & HEADSET IN LAGOS NIGERIA IRUKKA.COM❤❤❤ Starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos and across Nigeria ➔ from studio headphones✓ microphone headphones ✓ cheap headphones and headset✓ HD7 headphones ✓ HD9 headphones ✓ headphones in Nigeria ✓ microphone headset ✓ microphone headphones✓