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Ashdown Rootmaster RM-210T-EVO II


Shop and Buy Ashdown Rootmaster RM-210T-EVO II Combo Online.

Rootmaster RM-210T-EVO II Combo Experience ultimate quality sound production with RM-210T-EVO II Combo Speaker cabinet that is purposely built to last longer. RM-210T-EVO II Combo? Shop Ashdown on Irukka Online. ✓ Over 19 stores ✓ Lowest price guarantee ✓ Nationwide Delivery ✓ Extensive selection.

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Wharfedale Active Monitor PDM-100

Original price was: ₦180,000.Current price is: ₦160,000.
Wharfedale Active Monitor The PDM-100 is an active floor monitor – ideal for electronic drums. The portable two-way speaker system
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Wharfedale Wired Microphone DM57 3-in-1

Wharfedale Wired Microphone Wharfedale wired microphone DM-57 is a dynamic moving coil microphone designed to handle a wide variety of
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Wharfedale M16 Digital Mixer

Wharfedale Digital Mixer Wharfedale Pro M16 is a unique and innovative multi-function digital mixing console, with many advantages such as
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JBL professional speaker MRX 525

Original price was: ₦964,103.Current price is: ₦550,000.
JBL professional speaker MRX525 Dual 15″ Two-Way Dual Chamber, Bass Reflex, Main PA Full Bandwidth Applications Dual 15″ Two-Way Dual
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JBL professional speaker JRX 125

Original price was: ₦535,613.Current price is: ₦350,000.
JBL professional speaker JRX125 Dual 15″ Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System Dual 15″ Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System The JRX125
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Wharfedale Bluetooth Speaker Exson M

Original price was: ₦37,493.Current price is: ₦26,000.
Bluetooth speaker Wharfedale Exson M is the ultimate versatile portable Bluetooth speaker for the active lifestyle. With Wharfedale’s Maxx Bass
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Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker EXSON-S

Original price was: ₦42,849.Current price is: ₦29,000.
Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wharfedale Exson S is a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers an excellent combination of portability and
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Wharfedale Wireless Earbuds Wpod – Wireless earpiece

IRUKKA MUSICAL STORE: BLUETOOTH WIRELESS EARPHONES & EARPIECE IN NIGERIA WITH WARRANTY ❤ WHARFEDALE WPOD WIRELESS EARBUDS IN NIGERIA FOR SALE ❤ BLUETOOTH WIRELESS EARPIECE IN LAGOS❤❤starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers when you buy Wharfedale earpiece✓ Wharfedale earphones✓ cheap earbuds in Nigeria✓ cheap earpiece in Nigeria✓
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Wharfedale Speakers Titan Passive 15Z – Sound Equipment


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Titan 15Z Passive Speakers Online in Nigeria

TITAN 15Z - Our highest power-handling passive 15" Titan - ever!

Titan 15Z features extreme power handling transducers with high electrical sensitivity.  This results in unimaginable power handling specifications and remarkable SPL. Custom-built Wharfedale Pro drivers are what makes this possible. The 15Z features an enormous 4” LF voice coil for breath-taking power handling capabilities along with an enhanced compression driver with a 2” coil­. Titans are used around the world in almost every type of pro audio application imaginable.  The design and versatility has made Titan 15Z a favourite for installers and performers but.... we all like MORE POWER! Do not be deceived by familiar looks.  The Titan 15Z may appear cosmetically to be the same as our Titan X15  - but, it is what is inside that matters. This lends itself to applications such as for mobile DJs, bands, and public address.

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PreSonus Faderport USB Production Controller


Shop and Buy PreSonus Faderport USB Production Controller Online

Price of PreSonus Faderport USB Production Controller

FaderPort™: USB Production Controller

Advanced, Innovative DAW Control. Although a keyboard and mouse are tried-and-true DAW-control devices, they’re far more effective when used in tandem with the FaderPort™’s precise tactile control over mix and automation functions. A superior solution for anyone who mixes in the box, the FaderPort provides a 100 mm touch-sensitive, motorized fader for writing fades and automation in real-time and 24 buttons covering 40 different functions, all in a compact chassis that easily sits on any desk. Quickly zoom in on audio files for editing. Control track levels with the touch of a finger. With the FaderPort, you’ll enjoy the fastest, most efficient workflow you’ve ever experienced.
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Presonus HD9 Headset


Shop and Buy PreSonus HD9 Monitoring Headphones on Irukka Online

When you need to do serious work without bothering anyone in your living space and without being distracted by outside sound, choose PreSonus® HD9 headphones. They're clean-sounding, extra-comfortable, and offer a broad, transparent frequency response that ensures accurate mixing. Wherever your travel takes you HD9 is built tough so you can rely on it. PreSonus HD9 Headphones is available for sale in Nigeria  at

PreSonus Headphones HD9 Price | PreSonus Headphones for Mixing | PreSonus Professional Over-Ear Monitoring Headphones HD9 | Presonus Headphones HD9 in Nigeria for Sale

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