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Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B Active Subwoofer

Shop and Buy Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B Active Subwoofer on Irukka Online

Hold on to your socks!  T-Sub-AX15B is going to blow them off! The BASS you have been searching for is here!! Looking for that active subwoofer that really gives the bass?? Look no further, the Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B is created to exactly give that Bass. The T-Sub-AX15B runs at 700 W Continuous, 1400 W Peak 15”. T-Sub-AX15B.....destroying its competitor by +75%

Wharfedale | Wharfedale T-Sub-AX15B Active Subwoofer | Prices Subwoofers | Church Speakers Prices in Nigeria

Personal Monitor Mixers – Presonus EarMix 16M


Personal Monitor Mixers - PreSonus EarMix 16M

Get your Studio recording bundle - PreSonus EarMix 16M, Best Budget digital mixer, Best mixing console for recording, Recording studio equipment, home recording equipment, Studio live, Digital Mixers, Digital Mixing console, Audio interface, Best recording software, Studio monitor, Studio monitors prices, Audio mixers on

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Presonus StudoLive AR16c Hybrid Mixer


Shop and Buy Presonus StudioLive AR16C Channel Digital Mixer on Irukka Online

Audio Recording Made Easy With PreSonus StudioLive AR16C

StudioLive AR16c: 16 channel USB-C™ Compatible Audio Interface / Analog Mixer / Stereo SD Recorder. Don’t let the classic analog mixer design fool you—the StudioLive® AR16c was built to record. The StudioLive AR16c audio interface operates at up to 96 kHz for high-definition mixing and recording. Record each of the 16 inputs, plus the main mix for even more flexible recording options.  The channel that does it all… even Bluetooth connectivity! You can also toggle between a stereo playback stream from your computer and playback from the onboard SD recorder, making rehearsal a snap.

PreSonus StudioLive AR16C- 16 Channels Hybrid Mixer Shop and Buy On Irukka Online.

Wireless Microphone – Wharfedale Aeroline Vocals

The Wharfedale Aeroline Vocal Microphone System was built and design to capture the details and warmth of your voice. That sounds amazing right. Let me not assume, you soon going to discover that yourself.

Shop and Buy Wharfedale Aeroline Vocal Microphone Online on Irukka

Digital Mixer 32 Channel – Presonus StudioLive



Buy your audio mixers on Irukka Nigeria! Find top brands for your sound mixers – PreSonus, Wharfedale and more.

32 CHANNEL DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE IN NIGERIA: SHOP @ DISCOUNT BUY ONLINE DIGITAL MIXER 32-Channel in Nigeria - BUY NOW PRESONUS 32 CHANNEL DIGITAL MIXER - BUY NOW PRESONUS DIGITAL MIXERS. GET BEST PRICE OF A mixing console 32-channel. Make your order and enjoy Irukka offers; discounts on sales, free delivery, after-sales service, and deferred payment plan... Order today & pay on delivery! Get Prices of digital mixers in Nigeria. Irukka sound equipment store is the biggest online sound equipment store in the country, with its retail stores across Nigeria and Africa.

Wharfedale Power Amplifier DP series 4065 – Slave Engine

500,000 Wharfedale Power Amplifiers in Lagos for sale | Visit Wharfedale Nigeria Store to Get Free Delivery & Discount on Sales ✓ Click here to Buy Online Wharfedale digital amplifiers ✓ Buy Wharfedale power amp dp series 4065 starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers: discount on sales ✓ free delivery ✓ deferred payment plan ✓ one-year guarantee ✓ after-sales service ✓

Power Amplifier – Wharfedale DP series 4100

600,000 Free delivery on Wharfedale Power Amplifiers in Lagos ✓ Wharfedale Power Amplifiers ✓ Wharfedale Products in Nigeria Buy now! Buy Wharfedale power amp dp series 4100, the power amplifiers starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers: discount on sales ✓ free delivery ✓ deferred payment plan ✓ one-year guarantee ✓ after-sales service ✓

Mapex Acoustic Drum Set Tornado TND5254TCYB

230,000 210,000

Shop 5 Piece Drum Set – Mapex Tornado 5-Piece 22" Rock Fusion Blue Drum Kit

This Mapex Tornado 22” Rock Fusion Drum Kit is finished in a beautiful navy-blue wrap. The Mapex Tornado series was designed to offer new drummers a full drum kit package at an affordable price. Featuring all the essential components to build a full drum kit, the Mapex Tornado 22” Rock Fusion is a convenient all-in-one pack ideal for beginners. Consisting of a full 5-piece drum kit, hardware and cymbals, Mapex have built the ultimate starter pack for the beginner drummer. Grab your sticks and bring the beats! For a great sounding kit, sturdy hardware and sizzling cymbals buy the Mapex Tornado 22” Rock Fusion Blue Drum Kit today from Irukka Online!

Mapex Drum Set Price | Mapex Drums | Mapex Drum Set Price in Nigeria | Mapex Drums 5 Piece Drum Set | Mapex Tornado 22” Rock Fusion Blue Drum Kit in Rock Fusion Blue Drum Kit | Mapex Rock Fusion Blue Drum Online on Irukka

Mapex Drums Set Tornado TND7285TDR

MAPEX Drums Mapex TND7285TDR Tornado Acoustic Drumset is a set of acoustic drums from the Tornado series, ideal for professionals

Digital Mixer Presonus StudioLive 32R channel


PRESONUS 32 StudioLive 32R Digital Mixer

PreSonus StudioLive 32R- 32 CHANNEL DIGITAL MIXER is a digital mixer that defines versatility. The best digital mixer for your rack. a digital stage box 64-channel audio interface. It is a complete networked solution. The StudioLive® 32R digital mixer is four audio tools in two compact rack spaces. Use it as a standalone digital mixer with UC Surface remote mixing software. Pair it with your StudioLive Series III console mixer to use as a stage box or integrated monitor mixer.

Stunning Rackmount Mixing and Processing Power. StudioLive 32R: 34-input, 32-channel Series III stage box, and rack mixer.

PreSonus StudioLive 32R Shop and Buy On Irukka Online.

Presonus stage box NSB 16.8

PreSonus  stage box NSB 16.8 –PreSonus Nigeria The PreSonus® NSB 16.8 networked stage box lets you put analog I/O for

PreSonus Faderport USB Production Controller

PreSonus Faderport USB Production Controller Although a keyboard and mouse are tried-and-true DAW-control devices, they’re far more effective when used