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Evans G1 Coated Drum Head, 14 Inch

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Wharfedale Pro Delta X12M


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Delta X12M Floor Monitor Speaker Online in Nigeria

DELTA-X12M Floor Monitor Passive Speaker

Delta X builds on the global success of the Wharfedale Pro Delta series. Constructed from 15mm plywood and covered in the highest quality Rhino Rock paint, the new Delta X12M is instantly recognisable by the engraved iconic Wharfedale Pro ‘boomerang’ logo on its cabinet.  The fresh cosmetic design however is not the only improvement the engineering team have made. Custom Wharfedale Pro transducers have also been selected. High output, low physical distortion cast frame woofers deliver unparalleled low frequency response. With the exception of the Delta X10, 2” titanium compression drivers are coupled to 90°x45° elliptical waveguides for impressive output level and smooth HF dispersion. With a full lineup of 9 new models, ranging from the 300w RMS Delta X10 to the 1600w RMS Dual Chamber 2 x 18” Delta X218 subwoofer, Delta X models are perfect for fixed installation and touring applications.

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Wharfedale WLA-28 Diaphragm

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Wharfedale Delta Diaphragm – D-0134

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Wharfedale EVP 15” Woofer – D-004A

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Wharfedale Delta 18” Woofer – D-619

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The TOURTECH TTS-MIS2022BK is a heavy duty microphone boom stand which is adjustable, sturdy and reliable. Made with heavy duty
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