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Wharfedale Pro IMPACT-X15ML


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Impact-X15ML Feedback Monitor Speaker Online in Nigeria

The Impact-X15ML Passive Floor Monitor

The Impact-X15ML passive floor monitor encapsulates everything Wharfedale Pro stands for – High quality pro audio, at an affordable price. On this occasion, we have raised the bar for affordable PA delivering a PA speaker series with a sound and aesthetic comparable to that of a much higher price bracket. To enhance that brand quality and customer passion, we have made a small cosmetic upgrade to IMPACT.  It now boasts the iconic Wharfedale Pro boomerang logo!  IMPACT series has become well-known for its power to price ratio.  Big power at a great value. Customers around the world love their IMPACT series loudspeakers and are proud to use ‘Wharfedale Pro’.

Impact-X15ML Feedback Monitor On-stage Speakers


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Wharfedale Apollo 15 Midrange Speaker


Shop and Buy Wharfedale Apollo 15 Midrange Speaker Online on Irukka

Wharfedale Apollo 15 Midrange Speaker

The Wharfedale Apollo series of Loudspeakers has been meticulously crafted to be at the forefront of technology. The Apollo 15 mid-range speaker is a versatile loudspeaker for live performance or permanently installed audio reproduction and is built the vast experience of the Wharfedale Pro design team. The high-frequency compression driver is unique. Delivering a special feel to the high frequencies due to it's efficient neodymium magnet. This is enhanced by a polyethylene diaphragm which as you will shortly experience, gives a freshness, clarity and crispness to the high frequencies which is unparalleled. Close your eyes and enjoy the new detail you will find in your audio  

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