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Wharfedale Versadrive SC-26 – Speaker Management System


Versadrive SC-26 Speaker Management System

The Versadrive SC-26 speaker management system offers all the digital signal processing a live sound engineer needs. Out of the box the Versadrive SC-26 comes equipped with optimized settings for popular Wharfedale Pro loudspeaker configurations including WLA, Delta, and EVP-X MKII. With the Wharfedale Versadrive SC-26 - speaker management system, Control all your audio dynamics such as crossover, EQ and limiter with just one system. For complete peace of mind, limiting options combined with password locking offer complete protection go for Wharfedale Versadrive SC-26 Speaker Management. Wharfedale | Active PA Systems | Wharfedale Versadrive SC-26 | Speaker Management | Live Sound Equipment
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