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Wharfedale Passive Subwoofers – EVP – X218B


Shop and Buy Wharfedale EVP X218B Double Subwoofer Online in Nigeria.

EVP-X218B Dual Chamber Subwoofer Passive Speaker

The Evolution of the EVP-X MKII Series. From the EVP, EVP-X and now the EVP-X MKII, we have honed the EVP-X18B MKII, which is part of one of the most well-respected and reliable speaker series in the industry. Now in the era of the MKII, you can now put your trust into a demanding yet durable PA sound system, built around Wharfedale Pro's latest acoustic and manufacturing innovations. The new series serves up an extra 20% power handling and an additional 32dB SPL over the original EVP-X. The EVP-X218B MKII version features a new 4-way carry making it both more portable and more versatile for varying installation applications.

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