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Vocal microphone provides a brightened midrange and bass roll-off with frequency response to control proximity effect, a steel mesh grille
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Kurzweil PC4 Workstation / Synthesizers


Shop and Buy Kurzweil PC4 Workstation Keyboard Online on Irukka

The Kurzweil PC4 is an extremely powerful workstation that has taken a big leap forward from its previous generation. Overall, the Kurzweil PC4 is definitely a step up from the previous models from Kurzweil. It comes in with 1000 inbuilt programs with our 4096 user programs, featuring up to 16 independent zones, and can sequence 16 tracks both event and track base. The Kurzweil PC4 has an all-new 6 – operator FM engine with the ability to import FM SysEx files and more. The VAST synth engine is also the staple for Kurzweil’s and I have to agree, there’s an infinite amount that you can do with it in terms of sound design. Kurzweil PC4 has over 88 Keys fully weighted, with high pixel high-resolution color LCD with adjustable brightness. PC4 also gives you master EQ/Compressor with over 1000 complex effect chains. The initial Kurzweil PC4 is being advertised as 88 fully-weighted hammer-action keys, however, it is expected to also be available in 76 and 61 keys.

Features of Kurzweil PC4 Workstation / Synthesizers

  • It has over 88 Keys fully-weighted
  • Has over 480X272 Pixel high-resolution color LCD with adjustable brightness
  • PC4 also gives you master EQ/Compressor
  • Over 1000 complex effect chains
  • Over 1000 Inbuilt programs
  • 4096 User Programs
  • And more
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Kurzweil SP6-7 76-Key Stage Piano


Shop and Buy Kurzweil SP 6-7 76-Key Digital Piano Online on Irukka

Kurzweil SP6-7 76-Key Stage Piano

The new Kurzweil SP6 is a simple powerfully music workstation, that follows the standard of sonic excellence established by the Forte®, Forte SE and PC3 series, the Kurzweil SP6, powered by the new LENA® processor, brings your performance to new heights with its astonishing sound quality, light-weight, depth of control and simple operation – all within easy reach. The Kurzweil SP6 is our lightest professional 76-note model ever! Every sound within the Kurzweil SP6 is perfectly matched to its 76-note fully-weighted hammer-action keyboard with velocity-sensitive keys. Further, tailor the Kurzweil SP6 response to your playing style via 10 selectable key velocity maps. Maximize your real-time control over every preset via the SP6’s 4 Knobs*, 1 Switch, 2 Wheels, 2 Dual-Switch Pedal Inputs**, and 1 Continuous Control Pedal Input. Pitch/Modulation wheels along with dedicated -/ Transpose and sound Variation controls conveniently located right on the front panel, and enjoy a deeper level of editing your Kurzweil SP6 using free external software editors for Mac OS X, Windows PC, and iOS* devices (*coming soon)! The Kurzweil SP 6 is powered by Flash-Play®, the SP6 boots in 11 seconds with 2 GB of on-board sample content, zero-loading time, loads of powerful DSP, and ultrafast performance. Load programs from the Forte, Forte SE, and PC3 family (some restrictions apply). Experience more simultaneous FX in your performance multis and external sequencing! – and tweak away with dedicated knob assignments. Kurzweil SP 6 features 32 FX units of horsepower, enjoy award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses, Flangers, Phasers, Distortions, Rotary Amplifiers, Compressors, and more.  

Kurzweil SP6 7 Review | Kurzweil SP6 Price | Kurzweil SP6 Specs | Kurzweil SP6 76 | Kurzweil SP6 VS Roland rd 88 | Kurzweil Digital Piano

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Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal Set

Elevate your drumset sound to the next level with Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal. The Pack includes a 20″ Zildjian Crash,
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Wharfedale Active Monitor PDM-100

Wharfedale Active Monitor The PDM-100 is an active floor monitor – ideal for electronic drums. The portable two-way speaker system
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JBL professional speaker MRX 525

JBL professional speaker MRX525 Dual 15″ Two-Way Dual Chamber, Bass Reflex, Main PA Full Bandwidth Applications Dual 15″ Two-Way Dual
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JBL professional speaker JRX 125

JBL professional speaker JRX125 Dual 15″ Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System Dual 15″ Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System The JRX125
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Wharfedale Bluetooth Speaker Exson M

Bluetooth speaker Wharfedale Exson M is the ultimate versatile portable Bluetooth speaker for the active lifestyle. With Wharfedale’s Maxx Bass
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Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker EXSON-S

Wharfedale Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wharfedale Exson S is a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers an excellent combination of portability and
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Electric drum set – Tourtech tt22m

ELECTRIC DRUM SET IN NIGERIA: TOURTECH TT22M ELECTRIC DRUM IN NIGERIA FOR SALE | DISCOUNT SALES ON ELECTRIC DRUMS IN LAGOSBUY NOW | Tourtech Products in Nigeria ♕ Tourtech Products in Nigeria starting from ➔ ₦ 0 in Lagos online across Nigeria ♕ enjoy Irukka offers: discount on sales ✓ free delivery ✓ deferred payment plan ✓ one-year guarantee ✓ after-sales service ✓ Electric Drum Kit for sale in Nigeria
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PreSonus Studio 68c Audio Box


Shop and Buy PreSonus Studio 68c Audio Box Interface Card Online on Irukka

Studio 68c: The Versatile, Affordable, Portable ultra-high-def USB-C Compatible Audio Interface

Studio 68c: The versatile ultra-high-def USB-C compatible audio interface was created with the needs of DJs and electronic musicians in mind, the Studio 68c delivers excellent audio quality with professional metering and flexible monitoring options. With two of PreSonus’ pristine XMAX-L mic preamps for recording vocals and custom samples; both MIDI I/O and line inputs for your favorite synths; plus professional input and output metering so you can keep track of your recording and performance levels, the Studio 68c delivers amazing sound quality in a rugged, compact form factor. A complete recording studio right out of the box, the Studio 68c audio interface comes with a complimentary license of PreSonus’ award-winning Studio One® Artist music production software, so you can get creating right away.

Studio 68c Powerful, Flexible Production Tools

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Wireless Microphone – Sennheiser SKM 9000 Digital Handheld


SKM 9000 - Wireless Microphone

Condenser Microphone - Handheld Transmitter - Studio; Live performance - Sennheiser Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor-made solutions by Sennheiser.com. Wireless Microphone, Condenser Microphone, Studio, Live performance, Handheld Transmitter, Arrestingly great dynamics. Compatible with evolution wireless and 2000 series microphone heads, two Neumann heads (KK 204 and KK 205), and exclusive Digital 9000 Capsules.

Shop and Buy Wireless Microphone - Sennheiser SKM 9000 Digital Handheld On Irukka Online

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Wharfedale Speaker – EVP-X215 Passive Speaker


Shop and Buy Wharfedale EVP X215 Passive Speaker Online in Nigeria.

EVP-X215 Full Range Passive Loudspeaker

What Makes The EVP-X Series A Best Seller? We aim to manufacture affordable PA solutions which do not falter with quality in any aspect. For the EVP-X we’ve created one of our most durable, high-powered PA speakers for professional bands, DJs, and installations which is both ultra-efficient and ultra-affordable. We’re confident you won’t see such a high-quality PA series at this price point on the market today. We aim to manufacture affordable PA solutions that do not falter with quality in any aspect. For the EVP-X we’ve created one of our most durable, high-powered PA speakers for professional bands, DJs, and installations which is both ultra-efficient and ultra-affordable.

Prices of Wharfedale Speakers | EVP X215 | Wharfedale Full Range Passive Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Passive  Loudspeakers for Churches in Nigeria | EVP X215 Passive PA Loudspeakers

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Wharfedale Passive Subwoofers – EVP – X218B


Shop and Buy Wharfedale EVP X218B Double Subwoofer Online in Nigeria.

EVP-X218B Dual Chamber Subwoofer Passive Speaker

The Evolution of the EVP-X MKII Series. From the EVP, EVP-X and now the EVP-X MKII, we have honed the EVP-X18B MKII, which is part of one of the most well-respected and reliable speaker series in the industry. Now in the era of the MKII, you can now put your trust into a demanding yet durable PA sound system, built around Wharfedale Pro's latest acoustic and manufacturing innovations. The new series serves up an extra 20% power handling and an additional 32dB SPL over the original EVP-X. The EVP-X218B MKII version features a new 4-way carry making it both more portable and more versatile for varying installation applications.

Prices of Wharfedale Speakers | EVP X218B | Wharfedale Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Churches in Nigeria | EVP X218B Double Subwoofers

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Speaker Wall Bracket -Wharfedale WPB-3 Stand Accessories

Speaker Wall Bracket -Wharfedale WPB-3 Stand Accessories Wharfedale Pro WPB speaker brackets offer a range of universal PA and Wharfedale
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Wharfedale Subwoofers – Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofer


Shop and Buy Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofer Online on Irukka

Focus-218S Dual Subwoofer Passive Speaker

Music to the masses! With the Wharfedale Pro Focus 218S Sub point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. The Focus 218S subwoofer puts out an impressive 146dB peak SPL of pounding bass with a maximum power handling capacity of 8000 watts peak. Need more? Just double up! The Focus V-Tech side-by-side driver placement maximizes mutual coupling and boundary-effect reinforcement to move massive amounts of air and push the beat to the soul of your audience. Focus tops and subs are superbly engineered to work together seamlessly and provide maximum efficiency. Focus’s easy adaptability makes it perfect for portable rentals, touring, and fixed stage

Wharfedale – Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofer

Prices of Wharfedale Subwoofer Speakers | Focus 218S | Wharfedale Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Sales | Subwoofers Speakers for Churches in Nigeria | Focus 218S Dual Passive Subwoofers

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