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Wharfedale Xpect-215LL Full Range


The Portable, Powerful, and Adaptable Xpect 215LL Full Range Passive Speakers Online

The Most Powerful Dual 15" XPECT model in the Series - XPECT 215LL

The Xpect 215LL. A HUGE 2 x15” monster cone! Using two, newly designed custom Wharfedale Pro 15” drivers and the acclaimed IRIS X HF compression driver, the new XPECT 215LL is not only physically bigger than its predecessor but is significantly LOUDER. Rated at 1600w Programme and with a Peak of 3200w, XPECT215LL is simply HUGE. But power needs control and refinement. XPECT 215LL is constructed of 15mm MDF which makes the cabinet tight and with reduced physical distortion. Internally a precisely engineered crossover enables this new loudspeaker to deliver the most extreme highs and rumbling lows ever experienced from an XPECT series full-range model. The 90° x 60° elliptical waveguide produces a smooth high-frequency dispersion that sits perfectly with other models from the XPECT series. The Expect 215LL is now designed to cosmetically fit alongside the successful Impact Series and EVP-X models onstage.

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