Welcome to Irukka Sound Equipment Store –Your One-Stop Shop for Everything You Need to Make Good and Resounding Music.

Irukka is Nigeria’s biggest online/offline Sound Equipment/ Musical Instrument. Your one-stop-shop for quality, original musical instrument, sound equipment, recording equipment’s & accessories you will find around. At Irukka, we aim to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers by providing quality products with warranty and guarantee from top brands from around the World.

Irukka -Your One-stop shop for Quality, Original Musical and Sound Equipment and Accessories

Equip or upgrade your church, studio, event centers, rentals, clubs, restaurants e.t.c with the best sound and musical instrument with warranty. We also offer professional sound consultancy.  We have a nationwide coverage of over 16 sales outlets in Nigeria, delivering an unbeatable 24/7 customer support and after-sales service. We have been providing and delivering a wide range of quality musical equipment, low-price alternatives and accessories for over 25 years.

Irukka – We Bring You Top Brand from Europe and Around the World

We will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering a smooth shopping experience when they shop online and offline at Irukka for the best price. You don’t need to order from abroad again, Irukka offers affordable quality products, top-notch and high-end products from your favorite top brands across Europe and all around the World.

Irukka – Nigeria’s Largest Musical Instruments Store

Irukka is home of quality, top brands and original musical equipment accessories such as; WharfedalePassive speakers, Active Speakers, Subwoofers, Line arrays, Amplifiers, Analogue Mixers, Digital Mixers, Power microphone. PreSonusDigital mixers, 32 channel digital mixers, 64 channel digital mixers, Super HD7 & HD9 headphones, Complete studio recording box, Tour techElectric drums and audio cables, MapexAcoustic drums, AshdownBass combos.  Our vision is to spearhead a revolution in the online and offline sound equipment retail industry on the continent and backed by its considerable financial capacity and technology.

Irukka Limited will transform the average shopper’s experience of the market-place with its emphasis on responsive after-sales support, customer-centric approach, a wide range of quality, affordable, pocket-friendly products; ultra-secure and flexible payment options, as well as the efficient distribution and delivery system. Our multi-pronged yet standardized business model will infuse a measure of coordination to the relatively unstructured business space and ensure the delivery of world-class products and services on our online and offline platforms.

Essentially, the Irukka Way of ‘AUTHENTICITY AND TRUSTWORTHINESS’ places the customer at the center-piece of our entire marketing and operational activities with a move that will lend a measure of reliability and dependability to the buying process, making Irukka the preferred online and retail chain for the African consumer.

Irukka – Our Mission, Vision, Core Values

To provide unequaled shopping experience powered by outstanding customer services and superior post-sales services at very competitive prices.
Mission: To ensure a pleasant and secure shopping experience centered on outstanding customer service, a rich variety of quality products, highly competitive prices.
Vision: To remain pacesetters and industry leaders in offline and online sales of musical instruments using the best sales practices.


  • Dependability
  • Customer-centricity
  • Dedicated to Excellence
  • Team Oriented


To remain pacesetters and industry leaders in offline and online sales of sound equipment using the best sales practices.

Irukka – Over 25 years of Excellent and Unbeatable Customer Service Delivery


The following constitute the core benefits Irukka.com will leverage:

Platform Mix: With an enviable status as Nigeria’s first and biggest online Musical Mall and retail chain, Irukka will combine a vibrant online shopping platform with experience, while ensuring a nationwide spread in little time with the addition of a new store every other week in major capitals in the country and all over Africa. With a mandate to launch 300 Stores in the first 36months of operations, the company will ensure that no region is left out in the high-quality experience that Irukka stands to offer. While placing great emphasis on cosmopolitan consumers, Irukka also possesses the requisite network capacity to reach the unreached – those that are not served by the few online platforms – by offering quality service with valid guarantees that are presently non-existent in the Nigerian online and retail business space. In view of this, there is also an orchestrated plan to reach every nook and cranny of the country with a targeted total of 600 shops in Nigeria’s local government councils within three years.

Customer Service: Irukka is a business that revolves around delivering an ultimately satisfying shopping experience to the customer, with the aim of encouraging repeat buying and eventual brand loyalty. In line with this, our major concentration is customer satisfaction. We are renowned for our customer-centric nature; with extreme attention to each customer’s unique requirements and an approach that emphasizes after-sales relationships and support. Our passion to please will be duly reflected in making the customer the focus of our business. 

Operational efficiency: Our highly efficient logistics process ensures constant touch with the customer through the order placement and delivery life-cycle. With a decentralized distribution system, customers will enjoy minimal delays and reduced downtime prior to getting their hands on ordered items.

Genuine Products: We have built on new and existing partnerships with equipment manufacturers and other approved distributors to ensure that only products of the highest quality are carried on our platforms. In line with our core value as a dependable online and offline store of choice, Irukka offers a bouquet of genuine products without compromising on quality. Irukka will focus on the best Musical instruments from the biggest and most renowned brands before launching other mandates. With Irukka, there will be no imitations or grey products because every item purchased from our online or offline platforms will come with a certified guarantee. More importantly, the Irukka management will take responsibility for all products purchased from and delivered by Irukka.

Quality of Service: Irukka differentiates itself by offering support on warranty as well as out-of-warranty products for customers. We boast of a robust technological backbone, man-power expertise, and a two-year test run of a state-of-the-art website designed with advanced functionalities that offer visitors an interactive, engaging and multimedia user interface. Furthermore, the platform will offer a suite of customer-friendly payment options including pre-paid payment and payment-on- delivery choices.

Superior post-sales support: The essence of our customer-centric nature is founded on the belief that the actual relationship with the customer begins after a sale is closed. Our effective reverse logistics process ensures we are closest to you with Irukka stores for swift interface and support on purchased items. Irukka offers round-the-clock access to a pool of dedicated customer service personnel who will handle inquiries where the need arises.

Key Locations: With a physical presence in major cities aligned with a geographical expansion roadmap to cover the 36 states in Nigeria and key cities in West Africa, our ambition is to make Irukka ubiquitous, pervasive force which makes it easier for the customer to identify with us.

Our People: Peopled by a closely-knit group of highly motivated, dedicated and passionate young men and women, the Irukka team represents our greatest resource and defining the edge. Each member of the team is imbued with the Irukka mindset; one which stops at nothing to take on new challenges, dismantle obstacles and ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

Founders: Established by a team of brilliant and well-informed Nigerians and backed by competent investors of highest integrity within and outside the country, Irukka will focus on wealth creation for the majority of Nigerians. Irukka will function as a Public Trust, with the ambition of employing a massive 100,000 Nigerians within Four years. This is in line with the Irukka mantra of ‘best wishes, peace, and prosperity”.

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